Calibration has a very important role in research and industrial activities. This is because calibration is one of the benchmarks for quality assurance of a product and research results. Therefore, all instruments used for measuring must be calibrated in accordance with the applicable standard requirements or technical specifications. LPPT-UGM has human resources who are professional in their field and have experience in calibrating industry, BUMN, government agencies and universities in Indonesia. Calibration services that can be provided include the following fields:

  • Temperature
  • Mass
  • Pressure
  • Volumes
  • Analytical Instruments

LPPT continues to develop competency in the field of calibration in stages considering the demand for calibration needs which continues to increase for various types of equipment both for UGM’s internal environment and from outside UGM. During the last 5 years, LPPT-UGM has conducted more than 4,200 instrument calibrations. In 2020, LPPT-UGM proved its credibility in the field of calibration, marked by the accreditation of LPPT-UGM as a laboratory that has competence in carrying out instrument calibration by applying the SNI ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 standard (ISO/IEC 17025: 2017). The following is the LPPT-UGM accreditation certificate as a calibration laboratory

The accredited scope includes:

No. Measuring Group Type of Equipment/ Standard/ Material Calibrated/ Measured Information
1 Temperature Digital thermometer

  • Clinical thermometer
  • Temperature sensor with indicators
JIS Z 8710-1993
2 Temperature Liquid thermometer in glass

  • Clinical thermometer
  • Glass thermometer
ASTM E 77-14
3 Temperature Temperature enclosure

  • Incubator
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Waterbath
KAN Pd-02.04
4 Mass Weights OIML R-111-1 : 2004
5 Mass Scale

  • Electronic
  • Mechanic
CSIRO 2010
6 Pressure Sphygmomanometer Decision Letter of the Director General of Health Services No. HK.02.02/V/5771/2018

(MK 042 -18)

OIML R 16-1 : 2002

7 Volumes Volumetric flask ASTME E542-01
8 Volumes Burette ASTME E542-01
9 Volumes Volume Pipette ASTME E542-01
10 Volumes Measuring Pipette ASTME E542-01
11 Volumes Measuring cup ASTME E542-01
12 Volumes Micropipette ISO 8655-1 : 2002
13 Analytical Instruments Spectrophotometer

a.       Wavelength

  • Holmium oxide filter
  • Disymium oxide filter

b.       Photometry at 440 nm

c.      Photometry at 465 nm

d.       Photometry at 546.1 nm

e.      Photometry at 590 nm

f.       Photometry at 635 nm

ASTM E 925 – 02
14 Analytical Instruments Elisa Reader

a.       Photometry at 405 nm

b.      Photometry at 450 nm

c.       Photometry at 490 nm

d.      Photometry at 650 nm

ASTM E 925 -02

In addition to the accredited scope, LPPT UGM also serves various other scopes. Information about the scope of calibration can contact customer service at the following number during business hours, or download it here. Information regarding calibration price estimates can be downloaded here.